Sunday, March 20, 2011

SEVANKUR - Plan for year 2011

To have Sevankur camps at four different regions of the state, 200 participants each, in addition to one annual meet (500 participants). (Khandesh, Marathwada, Western Maharashtra & Vidarbha)

  1. To have 10 non residential one day camps at different places for 500 youths each.
  2. To start the volunteer/ internship program for 100 Sevankur members, for minimum 7-10 days duration, so as to give them hands on experience & exposure to various social issues & organizations. We are making a list of the organizations & the individuals, where they can get this opportunity. Sevankur members will go to different NGOs of their interest. They will stay there for minimum 7-10 days, contribute their skills to the organization, learn about the activities, and prepare a document about the experience. From this summer vacation the program will actually start. This will give the Sevankur members the first hand experience of the work, will boost up their motivation & some may develop a long term association with the organization or the issue involved.
  3. We are expanding the database of interested youths with a target of about 10000 during this year & keep it alive by using all the communication channels like sums, emails, social networking sites, visits etc. We will also co ordinate & collaborate with various youth camp organizers & other youth related opportunity givers. We will make aware this network of youths of all these opportunities & refer them for experiencing as per their interests & likings. We have prepared a calendar of various youth camps at different places in Maharashtra.
  4. We also started building up a database of mentors & other socially active senior friends, experts in various fields & make it available to all. We now already have about 500 such individuals in our network.
  5. We will act as the placement agency for selected NGOs & help them in recruiting the right kind of trained human resource from our pull of youth database.
  6. We will continue giving support for the startups already in contact, like Santosh & Manjusritai. Similarly we will go on identifying other such social startups & connect them to larger network, so as to get them social, financial & other kind of support.
  7. We are in a process of structuring of Sevankur to some extent as an organization. The details are to be worked out. It is becoming necessary with the growth of Sevankur.
  8. The documentation of the life journey of the role models is started. Now we are having the videos of nearly 50 role models (mainly of the interview sessions during the Sevankur camps) regarding their life journey & experiences. We are going to start disseminating those widely, so as to reach their work to more no. of people. We have also started transcription of those & hopefully make it available in print form later in this year.

10. We will be exploring the possibilities of networking with large Govt. promoted youth networks like National Service Scheme working in all the universities of India, Nehru Yuva Kendra for rural youths & some others. It will help in widening the reach of Sevankur.

11. Trainings: We will be organizing different kind of training programs, so as to sharpen the personal & professional efficiency of Sevankur members & other youths & also to make them aware of various social issues. These were in fields of vision building, capacity building, skill Trainings like writing & speaking skill workshop & other need based trainings. These will help in grooming of the Sevankur leaders & promoting the activities & also strengthening of the network.

Writing skills Photography & Videos

7 Habits Communication Skills

Goal setting & Time management Vision – 2030

Use of Social networking media for change NGO management,

Healthy Life style Physical & mental fitness

Effective parenting Leadership

Public speaking Spoken English

Basic Computer

12. Sevankur Home (Youth Resource Center) at Amravati – At present we are operating from a rented place. Considering the increasing size of Sevankur family, we are in need of our own home at Amravati. It will be the home for all Sevankur members to come together for different reasons & occasions. We also develop a resource center for youths in general with all the facilities of communication to keep the network of 10000 youths alive. There will be a space for meetings & trainings. It will act as a coordinating office for Sevankur activities. Sevankur members can come & stay there. We have already purchased a plot of 7800 sq. feet in the middle of Amravati city for this, with the donations from many of our well wishers & sympathizers. Now we will need around 90 Lacs Rs. For construction of Sevankur Home.

(Total 9000 sq. feet construction) We need your financial contribution for making it happen within a span of one year. (We kept target of completing it by March 2012)

At Sevankur, we are proposing to give 1 to 10 % of yearly earnings every year, for social cause as our duty. (Even the students, who are not earning anything now, should give 1-10 % of their expenses every year, by saving at some or the other point) Accepting this kind of responsibility of “giving back” in “present” only is the real spirit of Sevankur.


asawali said...

its great job which you do to direct the todays youth. whenever youth camp organised in khandesh then please inform on this blog.


Dr Avinash Saoji said...

Thanks. Next Sevankur is camp at Aurangabad on 27-29 May. Planning to have in Khandesh in June end or July begining. You are most welcome to join.